Proposing ( BIGEDUBROSNIJA ) an educational reality show (showcasing the best talents across the nation).

It is sad to say that our priorities are misplaced. We live in a society that projects immorality and glories in vanities. I feel we are distracted by frivolities as a nation. I feel we are neglecting what should be the core of excellence in our collective struggle and growth as a nation.


The original release of the first season of the Big Brother Nigeria and later BBNaija show, aired on DSTV Channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, 2006. Ten years later, it has become an annual reality show since the second season in 2017. The ongoing 2019 season is in its 4th season since first airing in 2006. Since then it could be better described as an ‘annual distraction’ in the nation; shifting the attention of the Nigerian populace from engaging in meaningful national discourse in the midst of the woes that have befallen on her. And worse still, distracting Nigerian students from their studies. While many are facing their TV’s smiling and having fun with housemates, the enemies are in the field implementing their plans. You know what I mean.

I have asked myself severally, what do Nigerian students really take home at the end of each year’s BBNija show? Perhaps memories of pornography and an insane display of immorality. I must tell you, absolutely nothing. The wave of distraction that this reality show causes along the length and breadth of our educational system cannot be quantified.

The promotion of pornography and immoral actions in that show is the height of my dissatisfaction and disenchantment with those who promote and sponsor the show. I wish to ask again what morals are this show impacting on the average Nigerian youth? You can figure out the answer yourself.

I am not here to campaign for the discontinuation of the reality show, which I know is some peoples business, since I know behind the reason for the show are some serious economic considerations. Isn’t that the reason why many national and multinational companies sponsor it ? Nevertheless, I think there is need for serious censorship and moderation in the show, but that’s not my main point here.


We call it a reality show. I want to ask what reality is actually being showcased ? What does it mean to be “real” for such a show? If we go into a philosophical analysis of what reality means for this kind of show, believe you me, we shall end up being more skeptical about this show and the reality it claims to showcase. Is pornography, indecency and violent behaviour the reality showcased ? Would you convince me that the housemates are not pretending putting on their “masks” just to appear good and thereby to remain till the end to grab the money and all the popularity that the show earns them ? Aren’t they in for the money and popularity? Tell me a business-minded person who is real.
What is trending now is the disqualification of one of the popular housemates (don’t want to mention names) for her voilent behavior. Well, disqualifying her is a good decision. It beats my imagination how a lady on such a national show will misbehave? However, come to think of it, if truly she is disqualified for being real, what then is the reality in the show?Please spare me all that . I think I’m digressing from my point.

I feel bitter because our generation is promoting “vanities” instead of “values”. Why on earth would a winner of the show pocket 60 million naira for doing nothing serious for 99 days while a best graduating student of a university receives only congratulatory handshakes after 5 years of persevering hard work? Why are these wealthy Nigerians and politicians donating millions when the poor people are hungry and homeless on the streets. Why wasting the money when many students around them are not sure of going back to school because of lack of funds. Why are all those companies interested in sponsoring the show when they can synergize to help bright Nigerian students or contribute to reducing the poverty level in the country. I think they are all in it for business (advertisements) nothing else.


I advocate for an educational reality show that will showcase the best talents in Nigeria. I know there are educational competitions out there, but I propose one that has the popularity of the BBNaija show. An educational show that can be interchanged yearly with the current BBNaija show. Such an educational show should be open to graduate students in Nigeria, and to young and creative upcoming Nigerian entrepreneurs. It would be an opportunity to engage the housemates in hot intellectual exercises and for them to showcase their creative entrepreneurial ideas for national development. A reality show of that nature would look, but not exactly, like Shark Tank in America and not so much like a talent show. Accomplished entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, industrial and organizational representatives can all be part of the show on those days they are invited to come to listen and access the creativity of the competing housemates for possible sponsorship or funding. The number of days for the show can be reduced and the number of housemates increased. Other social activities that mimic the current BBNija show can be part of the show. This is my proposal.

I am very passionate about this. Nigerian youths need a platform to learn. We as a nation need to emphasize values for national development. Are we all going to end up in the entertainment industry which this BB show represents? I advocate for something that will inspire our generation to positivity, creativity, and innovativeness. I want something that can engage the young Nigerian youth and inspire them to compete for what really endures.

Let us give it a serious thought. It can work, if we want it to. There is no harm in trial.

Praying for the best in my country.

©Clem C Aladi, 2019.


  1. you right . why not an educational show which will enable us the Nigerian to know the talented boy in country

    On Sun, 29 Sep 2019, 7:45 am The official website of Eduinfomark.com, wrote:

    > clemmezie posted: ” Proposing ( BIGEDUBROSNIJA ) an educational reality > show (showcasing the best talents across the nation). It is sad to say that > our priorities are misplaced. We live in a society that projects immorality > and glories in vanities. I feel we are di” >


    1. Thanks Nelson. Our country don’t value talents. We are poor on harnessing human resources. I hope someday our leaders will wake up from their epistemic slumber.


  2. “Are we all going to end up in entertainment industry which this BB show represents?” This question is a challenge to Nigerian students and entertainment industries(including Nollywood). So many indecent appearances and immoral displays pervading all these industries, which people admire and get thrilled in the name of fashion and entertainment, even among the so-called men and women of God, make me wonder if we still have the senses of shame and sacred as the images of God we are. St.Paul said it very well in his letter to the Philippians 3:19″…their glory is in their shame…” Thank you sir for your inspiring and enriching write-up. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Chidex for your thoughtful reflection on this. Our society is promoting mediocrity and we have to rise above that and embrace noble aspirations. God bless you, my dear.


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