Charity, the mother of all virtue, is “greatly enkindled” in mankind by the Incarnation of God.

St. Augustine

My dearest friends, sing with gladness on this glorious day of the birth of our Savior. May your hearts be filled with joy and your souls rejoice for God has shown His unending love in the gift of His Son Jesus, born to set us free. Who are we to merit so great, the gift of God’s only begotten son. As the shepherds returned glorifying and praising God, so shall you rejoice, for God has shown you great love.

On this day He Who is Born; and He Who becomes what He was not. For when He was God, He became a man; yet not departing from the Godhead that is His. Nor yet by any loss of divinity became He man, nor through increase became He God from man; but being the Word He became flesh, His nature, because of impassability, remaining unchanged…
-St. John Chrysostom

We often appreciate people or gifts more, when we realize how much sacrifice the giver made to avail us of his or her presence or gifts. So, what fills me with so much joy and deeply appreciative of what God has done for us, is when I reflect on the mission of this newborn Child. A mission that no man ordinarily would embrace. The coming of Christ in human form is not a coincidence of faith, it is a providentially planned salvific decision of God. Christ has a purpose for which he came; a purpose He was fully aware of and willfully embraced; a purpose that no man or woman would, if they have the choice, prefer to be born for. Already many due to their painful experiences in life are questioning the purpose of their existence. But in whatever situation you find yourself, always know, that your purpose of being born does not exclude the pains you are going through; it is a path to the realization of your destined goal. Do not worry anymore dear friend, Christ came for you, He is nearer now than before.

The event of Christmas strengthens our faith and conviction that God loves humanity. And therefore today, We are celebrating the fulfillment of the prophecies about our merciful God who sent His own Son to save a sinful world.

We are not celebrating Christ in a manger but in our hearts. Alexander Pope once said: “What do I profit if Jesus is born in thousands of cribs all over the world during this Christmas, but is not born in my heart?” Let us allow Him to be reborn in our lives during Christmas this year’s Christmas and every day in the coming year. Charity, the mother of all virtue, is “greatly enkindled” in mankind by the Incarnation of God. St. Augustine comments, “What greater cause is there of the Lord’s coming than to show God’s love for us?” and “If we have been slow to love, at least let us hasten to love in return.” Let us show the goodwill and generosity of sharing with others Jesus, our Savior reborn in our hearts, by love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and humble service.

Like the shepherds, let us go out and announce the joy of our salvation.

In Christ Alone – Merry Christmas!” “May a Christmas star shine into your heart and burn in your spirit bright may Jesus’ peace bless you and bring true joy to you today.” “May Christ’s peace and hope be with your family now and in the days ahead may His love warm your hearts may He give you a spirit of wisdom.”

I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as I wish you a joyful and renewing Christmas celebration.

©Clem C. Aladi, 2019

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