Please Update your WhatsApp and stop Embarrassing People.

Once you see this…, you are done.

In the past, I have had countless embarrassments from people who would put me on hold in the middle of a serious discussion on WhatsApp due to an incoming regular call. In those days, I usually reject the incoming regular call to avoid putting the callee on hold. This situation is usually embarrassing when you are speaking with a senior or superior. It is even more embarrassing if it’s an important discussion. WhatsApp has finally fixed this problem. An incoming regular call no longer puts an ongoing WhatsApp call on hold. Now you can excuse your self to answer a more important call, or ignore an incoming regular call while on WhatsApp call.

Please kindly update your WhatsApp from the play store. In fact, set your WhatsApp on automatic updating, it worths your data since you use it regularly especially for international calls.

Please respect your superiors if by chance you are on WhatsApp call with them and a regular call comes in.
It is an insult to put a person engaged in a meaningful discussion with you “on hold” due to an incoming call. There is no exemption from respecting people on social media.

Once you update your WhatsApp, it will indicate “WhatsApp by Facebook” before it loads. Just to let you know. If you have been embarrassed before, share this information

“Respecting someone indicates the quality of your personality.”

Mohammad Sakhi

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