“Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

– Robert Heinlein, Author

She is pretty and endowed with brains. In her freshman year, many were competing for her like a trophy. She came from a decent Christian family and was well brought up by her parents. She made a decision to remain focused and never to be distracted by the escapades and advances of men. Her school needs were well taken care of by her family and that gave her the additional moral strength to remain resolute in her decisions. As the days in February ran by in the second semester of the freshman year, the heat of distraction from men became unbearable that she sorted to maturely handle them to avoid insulting any of them. On the day before Valentine’s day, 13th Feb precisely, she came to school decently dressed as she always did. One of her secret admirers who saw her passed by on the corridors of the classroom lustfully said to his friend: “Do you know what? I could drop my course to marry this girl; she is decent and well behaved”. They both smiled in amusement. Unbeknown to her, many guys were contesting who will take her out on the 14th being Valentine’s day. And as if she knew that many guys would be waiting to speak to her after lectures, she quickly sneaked out of the lecture room a few minutes to the end of lectures and found solace in the quietude of the school library. Many guys who had wanted to speak to her after lectures were disappointed searching for her everywhere and not finding her. It was was for them, a monumental disappointment. None among them ever thought of searching for her in the library. In the serene atmosphere of the library, she sat quietly contemplating how to cope with the challenges facing her in the school. She decided to pick up a book from the bookshelf to keep herself busy. On the bookshelf, she serendipitously found a book entitled: “Away From the Crowd: Maintaining your Self Dignity “. Wao was a great and inspiring book that changed her life and made her the more responsible woman she is today. She is loved by all and pulled a multitude of friends in school while remaining true to her resolutions and integrity until the day she graduated. She graduated as the best student and this brought so much joy to her parents many who knew her.

Today is Valentine’s day. We celebrate the virtue of love and not the vice of immorality. Like the decent girl in our story, learn to stay away from the crowd and maintain your dignity and self-respect. Do not trade your self for pleasure or material things. Every day is a day to express love for people we really care about, so today has no added advantage or gains. If there is anything that defines true love, it is the measure of sacrifice you make for others, and not the level of satisfaction or benefits they gain from you and vice versa.

With love from me to you 💖, eduinfomark

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller, Author

He wishes you happy Val.

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