Indebted In Gratitude: The Reciprocity That Sustains Our Humanity

Thanks, I am grateful for your love.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”-G.K. Chesterton

You may say I am repeating what we all already know. But I pray you to see it as a reminder and give it a thought, as nations prepare to open up again.

In life, we often do not know what people go through to stake their lives and love for us. Many times, even in the most difficult times, those who truly love us make great sacrifices and deprive themselves a lot to put a smile on your sorrowful countenance. The beautiful smiles on your face that expose those sparkling white teeth, were the products of their perseverance, and commitment to your welfare.

Have you ever asked them how they managed to do all that in the midst of their personal struggles and needs? It may be that they feel a sense of responsibility towards you. You are their priority. Parents starve to feed their children; true friends make sacrifices to see us happy, but we are often unappreciative of their kindness and generosity because we think, ‘It is their responsibility and obligation.’ Let me ask you, ‘What is your own obligation and responsibility towards them? ‘ It ought to be reciprocal and symbiotic and not parasitic.

You may not know all their hidden struggles; neither would they tell you of the painful stories behind that flame of love they rekindled in your life; the flame that the challenges and sorrows of life had extinguished in you. You remember those hopeless days and nights when the vicissitudes of life robbed you of your inner peace and joy, when you cried and wept all nights until someone stepped in and the story changed

Today you may not have much with which to reciprocate their kindness and generosity, but please, always feel the warmth of gratitude within you to offer just the little you can each day without complaints. Humanity survives and thrives. Relationships are bonded daily by the innumerable sacrifices of many. Don’t count yourself so little or so poor; there is something you can always give back without restraints or complaints. You are not paying back a loan, but reciprocating the love you have received.

God put people in your life for a reason. It does not matter whether they treat you rightly or wrongly. If you have the opportunity of having someone or some people who care about you, treat them as your heroes and heroines.

Don’t forget that, a kind word, good wishes, a call, a text message, a birthday card, a congratulatory message, a simple smile and above all prayers offered unceasingly with a grateful heart for them, is worth more than the silver and gold you are waiting to acquire before you can say, ‘ Thank you, I love you’.

Don’t forget all those who helped you in these unprecedented times. They are God’s instruments of love for you.

From the depth of my heart, I say thanks to you all who cared for humanity at this time of pandemic of Covid-19. May God reward you all a million fold. The battle is not yet over, let’s keep loving and caring. Victory must surely be ours.

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