Rise Into Love

There was an Orange Tree who fell in love with a little boy, a very, very, little boy. He would stand beneath her shade and gaze up at her incredibly orange fruit and glistening green leaves. She adored him because daily he displayed a HUGE and generous heart. He would give time to the elderly and cause them to laugh with his clever antics and theatrics. Oh, how the Orange Tree loved that little boy, that, very, very, little boy.

Then, one lovely day as she closed her eyes in prayer, she felt a warm little cheek gently pressed against her rich brown bark and two strong, little, very, very, little, arms encircling one of her fruit-laden branches! It was the beating of his HUGH and generous heart, though, that took her breath away. She felt it throb against her branch encircled by those two strong, little, very, very little arms. She closed her eyes to give thanks to her Creator for the nearness of the little, very, very, little boy.

Owwww!!Wahwah! She opened her eyes to a frightening sight. The joy of her heart was lying helpless on the ground crying in pain. She was dazed, shocked powerless.

Oh please Dear Lord, send Your Angeles to carry his agonized cries to compassionate ears. Immediately !! there appeared a loving, nurturing woman who scooped him into her arms and tenderly carried him away. Now some three decades later The Orange Tree still reverences

the HUGH and generous heart of the now-grown man. She sighs at the grace with which he falls and rises, falls and rises, falls and rises.


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