Kindheart Scholarship Program



 In a country where only the children of the rich can obtain higher education and the children of the poor drop out of school, our vision is to bridge this socio-economic gap by providing an opportunity for bright youths from poor families to have formal education and acquire skills that will transform their lives and the society.


  • To provide indigent students in elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions and skill acquisition centres with a full scholarship which includes tuition, accommodation and other fees, throughout the entire duration of their studies.
  • To produce the best students, through constant motivation, support and monitoring of their academic progress.
  • To train responsible students who will give back to the society what they received through this scholarship program.
  • To train them to be saints, gentlemen and scholars
  •  To provide  them with moral and intellectual support


To educate them to serve and be kind to others


These antecedents gave rise to what is known today the kind heart scholarship program

My background

I grew up in a very poor background with no pipe-borne water, electricity or basic amenities that an average child enjoys here in the US.

My experience as a Principal of a Catholic School

When I became a Priest, I had the privilege of working as a principal of a Catholic school during which I was exposed to the plight of parents when it comes to training their children. I sacrificed my monthly remuneration and savings to pay for some of  my students to keep them from dropping out of school

My coming to the US as a student

When I came to the US as a student, I realized that due to the dollar to the naira exchange rate in Nigeria,  much could be done with just $20. Just $20 paid one term school fees for a child in Nigeria

The Idea proper

Kind heart Scholarship program started in the US in 2017 as a private non-profit program committed to improving lives by offering a brighter future to indigent Nigerian students. The scholarship program is still privately funded but hopes to merge in the future with a registered non-profit organization here in the US that conducts her charity in Nigeria. This is to enable us to mitigate many of the risks that can be a fatal blow to the survival of a new non-profit.

This scholarship is open to only indigent students in Nigeria especially in the Catholic Diocese of Orlu, without any prejudice or favouritism, who are qualified after a recommendation from any priest and laypeople and a thorough academic scrutiny and background checks.

Students who are qualified for this scholarship must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 each semester and year to be in good academic standing and remain in this scholarship. Any student who falls below the recommended GPA shall automatically lose the scholarship. Those in the elementary and secondary levels must maintain satisfactory academic performance each term.

Students on this scholarship must submit their academic scores( GPA ) to this scholarship for eligibility check and re-submit an application for this scholarship each semester. If the family economic condition improves, students on this program are encouraged in conscience to report to the founders of this scholarship and opt for removal.

Any form of immoral or irresponsible behaviour reported by the institution in which any of the beneficiaries of this scholarship resides shall amount to a withdrawal of this scholarship privileges for a year.

 Once a year the beneficiaries of this scholarship program will meet with the administrative board for interaction and feedback that will help improve the standards of the scholarship program

This scholarship shall take in new students each academic year based on the availability of funds.


It was St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta who once said: “Do not worry about numbers, help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you”. This wise saying has been our motivation. We strongly believe that while we cannot solve all the problems, yet the little seeds we sow today will blossom into a rich harvest tomorrow. Below are the problems we intend to address by this scholarship program.

1. Corruption/favouritism in existing individually funded scholarship programs

 There many scholarship programs offered by wealthy Nigerians, but corruption and favouritism have made it impossible for such opportunities to reach the children of the poor. Many scholarships conduct exams to choose candidates for sponsorship only to end up not using the exam as a criterion. In the end, the real people who should be the beneficiaries are left out. Our scholarship program meets the individuals in person and brings them together as a group to be sponsored. That is why eligibility is based on an assessment of the student’s family economic status and attestation of the students intellectual capacity done by priests and responsible citizens. We have no rooms for discrimination and favouritism

2. Financial Difficulty in getting into tertiary institutions

I intended at the beginning to limit this scholarship to those who have obtained admissions into universities or tertiary institutions in this case an admission letter would be the criteria for been accepted, but I reconsidered the idea  when I realised that most bright students  from poor families can hardly afford to finish secondary education, pay for the West African Examination Council(Waec), the  Joint Admission and matriculation board exams(jamb) and the unified tertiary matriculation exams. These exams involve money and not too many can afford them, so the resultant effect is drop out of school.

Kind Heart Scholarship program takes the responsibility of paying for these preliminary exams to ensure that the poor have the opportunity to be included.

3. Unavailability of financial aid for students

Another problem being addressed here is the unavailability of any form of financial aid in most Nigerian schools. You pay in cash for every school fees, most schools don’t even have instalment payment plans. What a horrible situation.

4. The poor condition of Government-owned schools

The government-owned primary and secondary schools, especially in rural areas, are like refuse dumps. No good structures and educational facilities and teaching aids. The teachers are poorly paid. This makes their commitment unstable. Our leaders send their children to the best schools abroad and leave the schools in the country undesirable for any child.  That is why private schools are a flourishing business in the country, most of them owned by our leaders. Our scholarship program sends these children to private affordable schools. The government failed us woefully.

5. Unavailability of other financial support structures

There is no federal work-study to help students pay their bills from work while in school. No formal scholarship programs exist in schools; no credit card services; no loans. All these make it difficult for the average Nigerian child to get an education. 

6. Poverty

Many families can hardly send their children to good schools because they cannot afford them. Most of these families are large making it even more difficult to educate their children. Our people are suffering, they need help.

I hope these point will convince you that these less privilege children are in need our help for a better future. Every donation goes directly to sponsoring a student at any level of education.